3 Warning Signs That Your Significant Other Isn’t Marriage Material

Goodmorning, friends, There’s one unfortunate dating scenario that all too many people experience; after a year or even more, they find themselves having wasted their time on someone who really never fulfilled the promises they said they would. How can you tell if you’ll be caught up in this trap? How do you know if [...]

How To Prepare For Marriage During Your Engagement

Good afternoon, friends, Engagement is knowing you’re betrothed to someone before saying the beautiful words of “I do”. However, this time isn’t always easy, especially if you’re having a long engagement. So, how do you prepare before marriage? Are there practical ways to actually prepare yourself for the longest, most trying, and yet most beautiful [...]

God Has A Plan: Why A Failed Relationship Isn’t Wasted Time

Afternoon dear friends, If you’re an intentional Christian who purely desires God’s will to be done in your life, you shouldn’t feel like you wasted your time in a relationship that didn’t work out. For several reasons, God can use relationships to spiritually mold you. Maybe the purpose was to instill more strength, boldness, wisdom [...]